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Fracking the System

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About the Film

"Fracking the System" is a documentary mini-series about the complexities of the fossil fuel industry and the Coloradans entrenched in fighting it. 

Colorado is the 5th and 6th largest producer of oil and gas in the United States. Since 2011, a multitude of citizen groups in have been protesting the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking,"  but without a significant victory. As the saying goes, "Nothing passes the Colorado legislature that oil and gas does not want passed." After nearly a decade of intense political struggle, their movement is culminating with a Democrat majority in the State Capitol willing to pass stricter oil and gas laws.  But, what will be the impacts and are they enough?
At the core, this film is about how we as a society use democracy to make difficult decisions, like curbing fossil fuel impacts and fighting climate change.

"Fracking the System" poses a defining question at this turning point in American history: as our democracy is being challenged by oligarchy and the impacts of climate change are becoming real to so many, what is the current relationship between the citizen, the state, and corporate influence? The film sheds light on the mechanisms of our democracy and the role of the individual citizen in that system.

See Behind-the-Scenes footage and Director's cuts HERE